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When I was a young man, I placed a $10 bet with a hussler on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Before he told me why he won, he gave me some of the best advice I’ve ever received: “Never play a man in his own game, because if he’s playing, he’s winning.” 

Are you playing your lender’s game? Trying to get a loan modification or other foreclosure help from your lender only to be jerked around? Accepting your lender’s “free” help, only to find that you got what you paid for? Applying for “government” programs that are run by the lender? Believing that if your lender doesn’t agree to help, you’ll lose your home? 

We take control and make lenders play on our turf —the courts—where we have home field advantage.  If your lender filed a foreclosure lawsuit, they are not helping you. SINCE WHEN HAS SOMEONE WHO IS HELPING YOU SUED YOU?! WAKE UP! STOP PLAYING THEIR GAME! IF YOU FIGHT, YOU WILL WIN!
Madison attorney Reed Peterson faced, overcame and recovered from his own financial hardship, including foreclosure and bankruptcy.  He has used his personal experience and legal expertise in representing homeowners in over 200 foreclosure cases.
Attorney Peterson represents homeowners throughout Wisconsin.  He has a reputation of being a straight shooter and fighting for his clients.  Mr. Peterson knows how to identify, negotiate and litigate a wide variety of violations against consumers rights.
About Attorney Reed Peterson
Don't Give Up on Your Home!

If You Fight...
                 ...You Will Win!

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Don't Give Up on Your Home!

If You Fight...
                 ...You Will Win!

We are seeking homeowners with these qualifications:
  • Are tired of being manipulated by their lender.
  • Have recently had a foreclosure case filed against them and the plaintiff-lender named in the foreclosure is different than the “lender” in the note and mortgage they signed.
  • Can immediately afford monthly mortgage payments if their mortgage was reinstated.
  • Are willing to fight to keep their home and eliminate the mortgage on their property.
Reed Peterson & Associates 
Attorneys who fight foreclosures and win!
Reed Peterson & Associates 
Attorneys who fight foreclosures and win!
Foreclosure is no joking matter!
Q: Knock knock.
A: Who’s there?
Q: You don’t know.
A: “You don’t know” who?
Q: You don’t know who the foreclosing plaintiff is because you’ve never given them a mortgage and they’ve never given you any money. But they’ve filed a foreclosure on your house. (And it’s no joke.)
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Don't Give Up on Your Home!
If You Fight...You Will Win!
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